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Biotherapeutic Draiange Remedies

Biotherapeutic Drainage clears the terrain and stimulates health in the body

The Unda, Reckeweg, Sanum, Pascoe, Pekana and Heel remedies of the natural dispensary are considered biotherapeutic drainage medicines and are complex homeopathic formulations that originated in Belgium in the 1930s.  Formulated on the basis of homeopathic, botanical, Chinese medicine and anthroposophical traditions, these powerful remedies are dilutions of plants, minerals and metals.  The plants have an affinity for particular organ and tissue systems and are the “carriers” of the metals and minerals, thereby directing treatment to the appropriate system. The metals are in D6, D9 and D12 homeopathic dilutions that are compatible with intracellular concentration levels, thereby supporting various cellular functions and detoxification.  As a result, these powerful and unique biotherapeutic drainage formulations have a deep effect on organ and tissue function and often work better than typical detoxifications.

Specific treatment remedies for specific cases

All biotherapeutic remedies are compounded in the clinic and are specific for each patient. The clinic offers a wide range of products with over 350 biotherapeutic compounds which can be compounded together to create specific treatment formulations for each specific patient case. All remedies can be compounded for adults, children and infants.