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Speaking Testimonials

The following comments were compiled from satisfaction questionnaires letters or e-mails after speaking engagements:

Employee Feedback Rating: Sunbeam Corporate Office: 87% Excellent, 13% Very Good
Additional comments/suggestions for future topics:

  • Would love to get Jason back for other health topics (ie organic vs. the other stuff)
  • Very interesting & informative! 
  • Very informative – just enough information to tweak my interest and want more!
  • Some of the topics were covered quickly (because of time frame). It would be nice to see some areas expanded upon further
  • Really awesome – and hopefully will results in healthier, more energetic employees.  I’ve told a few people who regret not attending – perhaps we can get Jason back for another session?
  • Learned a lot! Great presentation by Jason. Would like more information on Naturopathic Medicine as a lifestyle.
  • It would be great to have Jason Lee come back again for more topics.
  • Information was useful and well presented.
  • I enjoyed the session immensely too bad it had to be so short. He was a fountain of information it would have been nice to have a couple of sessions with him.
  • He said this was a condensed version; I would be interested in the rest of his seminar.

Employee Feedback Rating: Sunbeam Corporate Office: 75% Excellent, 25% Very Good
Additional comments/suggestions for future topics:

  • Physical fitness that can easily be incorporated into our daily lives that works around the 2.4 child two car garage family.
  • Overall health and wellness!
  • I find him to be a very good speaker who uses examples that people can relate to.  Although I do not have any medical concerns and do take care, he definitely makes you think and want to share his topics with others who were unable to attend but could benefit.
  • Today’s session was excellent and very informative
  • More info on body composition would be great
  • This guy is awesome! More please….
  • More time for questions would be good.
  • Speaker was very upbeat, great speaker.  Very informative!
  • More about how the body handles infection and what foods/lifestyle boosts the immune system.

Hi Jason, Thanks for coming in on Friday. Your presentation was amazing. The staff could not stop talking about it all Friday afternoon. I did a quick survey and received the following comments… fantastic presentation / eye opening / informative and thought provoking presentation / the hour just flew by / Jason was very entertaining and enthusiastic. Thanks again Jason. It was a pleasure to meet you. If you have any information you would like me to pass along or post on our Wellness Board, please let me know.  (Josephine – Telus Health)

Everyone loved you and this whole office is abuzz with what they learned, what they need to change, who they want to share their newfound information with, and how passionate you are about your work!  I cannot thank you enough for taking the time to come and speak to my colleagues. With much appreciation. (Tina – Sunbeam)

Just wanted to thank you for coming in today to speak with our group – absolutely awesome response from our staff.. Your energy and enthusiasm about the subject always seem to make people question the things they are putting into their bodies and the reason that they feel the way they do.  I really appreciate you taking the time to educate us on things we wouldn’t otherwise know.  I know that I’m a believer because I haven’t felt better then I do now and I have you to thank for that. (Chris – I Love Rewards)

It was truly an inspiring experience to make some life altering decisions in my life.  I know that many of the girls feel the same way.  He pointed out a lot of facts that helped us all to put our lives and lifestyles into perspective.  I know that I will be making some serious changes in my life. We as a society need more people like him, please give him my sincere thanks and let him know that he will be blessed for his honest love and dedication to the well being of his fellow people.  I hope that God guides him and blesses him in his life. Thank you again for a life altering lunch.  (Samantha – Sunbeam)