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Functional Urinalysis

The functional urinalysis is a complete series of 7 tests that look at overall body functioning and physiology. One of the main uses of functional urinalysis is the ability to assess functional digestive disturbances or gastrointestinal testing. These are done via the following 3 tests to uncover disturbances in the gastrointestinal tract.

  1. bowel toxicity test (Indican Test)
  2. total urine sediment testing
  3. urine calcium testing (Sulkowitch Test)

The following tests are also included in the functional urinalysis and examine how the endocrine system is performing, oxidative stress on the body, as well as vitamin C absorption. Additional tests also check urine sugar levels, acidity and the presence of blood, bacteria and white blood cells which can indicate infection.

  1. urinalysis (Urine Check Test)
  2. adrenal stress test (Koenisberg Test)
  3. oxidative stress test (Oxi-Data Test)
  4. Vitamin C absorption test