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Abnormal Digestive Function Results


  • Fibrous (fibrinogen) fibers in serum in response to liver stress and congestion – can occur with healing with excessive clotting
  • Possible causes: toxins such as antibiotics, drugs, alcohol, tobacco, coffee, red meat, bowel toxins causing dysbiosis, low pH, low unsaturated fats, liver damage or viruses
  • Possible signs: constipation, indigestion, heartburn, bloating, gas, flatulence, headaches, backaches, autoimmune disease, fatigue, chronic disease process

Cholesterol Crystals (Trapezoid Appearance)

  • Cholesterol deposits in the blood
  • Possible causes: high stress, poor digestion of fats, low unsaturated fatty acids, high LDL (low LDL is dangerous) – can occur with chelation therapy / EDTA and vitamin C injection – removal of calcium and minerals in blood
  • Possible signs: high blood pressure, arterial plaque build up

Crystals (Broken Appearance)

  • Triglycerides, artherosclerotic plaque formation
  • Possible causes: poor digestion of fats, low unsaturated fats in diet – good sign of chelation therapy
  • Possible signs: high blood pressure, arterial plaque build up

Crystals (Square / Circular Appearance)

  • Square or circular shape crystals indicating long term toxin exposure
  • Possible: neurological problems – weak immune system cannot remove toxins
  • Possible signs: nervous, high strung, irritable, hyperactive, depressed, listless, aimless, headaches and migraines

Crystals (Bright Color / Orange / Red Color

  • Bright color crystals indicate uric acid deposition in the body
  • Possible causes: uric acid excess, excessive red meat consumption, high acidity and inflammation in the body, improper protein digestion and assimilation
  • Possible signs: auto-immune disease, lupus, MS, MG, Lou Gerhig’s, arthritis, gout, bacteria overgrowth