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Gemmotherapy is a little-known aspect of phytotherapy that uses extracts of buds, young shoots, sprouts, rootlets or inner bark instead of parts of grown, mature plants. Created first in Belgium by Dr. Pol Henry, gemmotherapy was popularized in France and the rest of Europe by homeopaths. Initially referred to as phytoembryotherapy, this treatment was later renamed gemmotherapy, meaning “bud therapy.” The principle of gemmotherapy is based on the premise that plant buds contain all of the enzymatic energy needed to develop into full grown plants and trees. Dr. Henrey called this enzymatic energy “potential biologic energy”, which makes the remedies extremely potent in their effects on the body and organ systems. Of all the remedies in the clinic dispensary gemmotherapies are among the most potent.

Biology of Gemmotherapy

At the base of the buds, there is a meristematic tissue (high growth area) with in differentiated cells that multiply quickly. This area never dies. It is from here that new leaves are created each year. The meristematic tissue contains more nucleic acids than any other part of the plant as well as minerals, vitamins, enzymes and the growth hormones: auxins and giberrelins.

Activity of the Extracts

The study of gemmotherapic extracts has demonstrated precise biological actions such as:

  • Ribes Nigrum stimulates the corticosurrenals of the adrenal gland for stress regulation
  • Betula Pubescens stimulates granulopoiesis or joint drainage
  • Rosemarinus Officinalis is a choleretic and protects against toxicity on the liver cells
  • Crataegus Buds combine the medicinal activity of the fruit (heart muscle) and the flower (heart rate) for cardiovascular problems.

Detoxification and Drainage

Although each remedy has specific actions and specific targets, the main goal of gemmotherapy is cellular detoxification and drainage. Healing starts at the cellular level and healing cannot occur when cellular functions are blocked due to toxins. Gemmotherapies also stimulate the proper functioning of the organs by allowing them to remove their toxic load.

Gemmotherapy can be used as a stand-alone therapy or mixed with other naturopathic or conventional medicines.