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Functional Testing

Accurate testing for targeted treatment

Accuracy and efficiency are paramount when it comes to analyzing a case. One of my mentors once told me that the most important part of treating a patient is to “take a good case”. This means, finding out as much information as you can about your case in order to deliver the most beneficial treatment protocol possible. The physical exam, case intake, and functional testing are essential to this process. All these methods of data gathering are essential in establishing a good profile on your case and allow me to begin the important “detective” work.

The difficulty is rarely deciding what treatments to give, but how to identify the underlying causes to specifically treat. The broader scope of data collected by functional testing enhances my ability to identify otherwise overlooked clues. Many important clues are not directly associated with the presenting symptoms of a case but are representative of other areas of dysfunction and imbalance elsewhere in the body.

Functional testing saves time, targets treatment and saves you money on supplements and treatments that may be ineffective or unnecessary for the case. During your intake I will determine which tests are most appropriate for your case.

The clinic utilizes science-based tests from reputable laboratories such as Doctor’s Data Labs Inc., Rocky Mountain Analytical, Great Smokies Diagnostic Laboratories and Anamol Laboratories.

Urine Testing (Functional Urinalysis)

  • Urine pH
  • Urine Sediment
  • Adrenal Stress Test (Koenigsberg Test)
  • Antioxidant Test (Oxidata Test)
  • Bowel Toxicity Test (Indican Test)
  • Calcium Absoprtion Test (Sulkowitch Test)
  • Vitamin C Absorption Test

Blood Testing:

  • Blood Typing

Salivary / Gastric Acid Testing:

  • pH Challenge Test
  • Digestive Secretion Testing
  • Zinc Status Assessment

Skin Testing:

  • Iodine Patch Test
  • Cholesterol Skin Sterol Test

Basal Body Temperature Testing:

  • Thyroid Function Test