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Biofeedback Analysis (BA)

Biofeedback Analysis is a safe, effective, non-evasive sensitivity test without the use of needles, skin scrapes, and blood or allergen exposure

What is Biofeedback Analysis?

Biofeedback analysis is a form of muscle testing which uses the body’s energy as a gauge to determine the level of intolerance of a given substance.

Muscle Testing for Sensitivities

Biofeedback analysis (BA) muscle testing is based on the vibrational frequency that is emitted from all substances.  The Chinese call this energy Qi or Chi and work similar to how a magnet produces a magnetic field. Chi creates a field that holds all body cells in alignment. This is the basis of acupuncture which has a series of points that line up along meridians or energy pathways. Chinese medicine focuses on balancing the Chi thereby moving the body towards health. Gentle purposeful movements can also balance energy which is seen in the practice of Thai Chi and Chi Gong and yoga

Resonance and Dissonance

Energy flows in the form of wavelengths. When two wavelengths of energy are in harmony with each other they resonate together. If they are out of harmony they are said to be dissonant from each other. When an opera singer hits a note that causes a wine glass to vibrate (a process called ‘forced oscillation resonance’) the glass absorbs the sound waves and begins to increase its rate of vibration. If the sound waves become more intense the glass will absorb so much energy that it vibrates apart.

Muscle testing utilizes the body’s ability to sense resonance and dissonance from other substances. When we hold a substance that positively affects our vibrational frequency it increases the energy flowing to the muscles and increases our muscle strength. This is due to resonance. If we hold a substance that negatively affects our vibrational frequency it causes decreased energy flow to the muscle and our strength declines. This is due to dissonance. Substances that cause allergic sensitivity to the body create dissonance. The more dissonance the weaker the muscle becomes. This is why some patients can have strong, moderate or weak muscle tests to certain substances indicating strong, moderate or weak intolerances to those substances. For example; a patient with an anaphylactic reaction to peanuts will have a large amount of dissonance and the muscle will become extremely weak during testing.

Principles of Biofeedback Analysis

Every action force has an equal and opposite reaction force

The laws of physics state that every action has an equal and opposite reaction. The Chinese have utilized this principle within the Yin / Yang or positive / negative. All living creatures consist of energy – from the largest mammal to the smallest bacteria. It is this energy that animates life.

Energy can be seen in many examples of daily life. When we walk across a carpeted room we pick up a form of static electricity. When we touch a metal object after building up a static charge there is a discharge that occurs in the form of a shock. If we hold a magnet we cannot feel the magnet’s energy although when two magnets are placed together we can feel the two forces. They either attract or detract depending on the polarities.

All cells of the body contain positive and negative charges. Charges allow for the transfer of action potential signals to move along our nerves allowing us to feel things and move muscles. Charge within the cell membrane determines the flow of certain materials inside and outside the cell.

Charge can also be passed into the body through the foods we eat. Although it cannot be felt – it is present none the less. Energy cannot be created by the body – it can only be received from an outside source. One law of physics states that; “Energy cannot be created or destroyed; it transfers from state to state.” The sun’s radiant energy is transferred to plants which convert it to nutrients which we eat to power our own cells by producing energy. If we do not provide our bodies with nutrients we cease to function.

Biofeedback Analysis and Muscle Testing

BA muscle testing can be used to test a wide variety of substances against the vibrational frequency or energy field of the body. The substances to be tested are prepared in glass vials and held to the skin on specific parts of the body and specific muscles are tested for strength. Even inside the glass vials the energy will transfer through the vial wall the same way radio waves pass through glass or microwaves pass through a plate or glass cup.

Increased Muscle Strength – Occurs when the energy is attracted to the muscle and the muscle strength increases. This indicates that the body’s frequency is resonant with the substance.

Decreased Muscle Strength – Occurs when energy is detracted from the muscle and the muscle strength decreases. This indicates that the body’s frequency is dissonant to the substance.

Biofeedback Analysis and Accuracy

BA muscle testing is extremely accurate as it measures exactly how the body reacts to specific substances. This is due to the frequency affecting the body’s energy field. All tests are reproducible and testing is very quick.