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Interpreting BIA Results

I will go over your results in detail after the test. Briefly, here are the measurements your BIA will provide you. Please click on the appropriate measurement for more detailed information.

BIA provides consistent reproducible data about body composition, fluid distribution, and tissue health / survivability. 

Phase Angle
“The phase angle was the best single predictor for survival.” It measures the physiological health of the cells of the body.

Body Capacitance
An indicator of the quantity of healthy cell membranes in the body.

Related to the amount of body water. Since more water is stored in fat-free mass, a higher value indicates healthier leaner tissue.

The ability of cells to store energy (related to body capacitance). A low reactance indicates a breakdown in cell membranes’ selective permeability. A higher reactance means healthier cells.

Body Cell Mass
Measures metabolically active tissue.

Extracellular Mass
The amount of water in your body that is found outside your cells.

Fat-Free Mass
A measure of total nonfat body compartments (also called lean body mass). Contains most of the body’s water.

Fat Mass (FM)
Amount of stored fat in the body.

Ratio of extracellular mass (ECM) to body cell mass (BCM). A lower value indicates a higher ratio of living to inactive mass, is desirable. Normal values are near 1.0 (a 50/50 distribution)

Body Mass Index (BMI)
A ratio of weight to height used as a quick measure of health status.

Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR)
Based on fat-free mass, the number of calories your body uses each day, not counting the extra calories burned during exercise.

Intracellular Water (ICW)
Water volume of the body cell mass (i.e; water in the “inactive cells” of the body).

Extracellular Water (ECW)
Water volume outside the body cell mass (i.e; water in “inactive” cells of the body).

ICW to ECW Ratio
Measures the movement of body fluids within the body from inside the cell to outside the cell and vice versa

Total Body Water (TBW)
The sum of the ICW and the ECW – the total amount of water contained within the body.

Percentage of fat free mass that is water.

TWB / Total Weight
The percentage of total weight that is water.  This value decreases with age.