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Normal Blood Cell Results

Ideal Red Blood Cell (RBC)

  • RBCs appear uniform size and shape and appear as round circles on a gray background
  • The center of the cells are lightened somewhat and slightly off-white in color
  • Cells reside freely in their own space and are not overlapping or sticking together but gently bouncing off of each other

Ideal White Blood Cell (WBC)

  • WBC are as large as two RBC and are rather grainy in appearance with 3-4 dark irregularly shaped lobes inside the cell
  • Rather than being round they display many different shapes and are active and moving
  • In normal blood there are about 700 red cells to every white cell
  • The blood serum surrounding the cell is clear without parasites, bacteria, clots or other undesirable masses

Blood Environment

  • Ideally there are no other cells or debris in the environment that surrounds the white blood cells and the red blood cells

Red Ball Test (done before the microscopic examination)

  • When a drop of blood appears on the finger it should bead up
  • If the ball is absent it can indicate the following:
    • lack of protein in diet or poor hydration
    • poor digestion and assimilation due to enzyme deficiency
    • kidney problems, anemia and low blood iron