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Getting Started

“The best predictor of future health is to create it today”

Starting the Program

Heavy metal detoxification programs can be implemented on a wide variety of means for a wide variety of body systems. A personalized detoxification program is the best approach as it ensures the best results. Additional testing may be done to assess deficiencies, toxicity and assist with monitoring your progress.

Testing can include the following depending on the case:

  1. BIA analysis > Bioimpedance Testing
  2. Functional Testing specific for heavy metal testing > Functional Testing
  3. Live Blood Nutritional Microscopy  > Live Blood Nutritional Microscopy
  4. Other Laboratory Testing specific for heavy metal testing > Laboratory Services

Heavy Metal Detoxification Program Components:

Your personalized program includes:

  • Initial testing and follow-up testing / visits
  • Individual consultations and specific treatment plan
  • Nutritional / homeopathic / botanical recommendations