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Calcium Absorption Test

Calcium is the most abundant mineral in the body and is used for bones, teeth, nerve conduction, release of neurotransmitters, regulating blood pressure, helps with clotting and supports digestive functioning. Low levels of calcium can result in osteoporosis, high blood pressure, muscle weakness, arthritis, insomnia, brittle nails, dental cavities as well as other physiological and metabolic problems.

The Sulkowitch test is designed to measure calcium absorption in the body. Excessive calcium is excreted from the body as calcium oxalate. This level is measured in the urine to determine if calcium stores are normal, high or too low. A very acidic or inflammatory process in the body contributes to calcium depletion since the calcium leaves tissues into the blood to buffer it against the acid. This ultimately leads to reduced calcium stores in the body. Poor diet, and lifestyle factors, stress and toxicity all play a role in acid levels in the body.