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Practice Philosophy

Welcome to an integrative approach to restorative medicine. At the core of this practice is naturopathic medicine, a system that is changing the face of healthcare by providing high-quality natural medicine for a wide range of health conditions.


The purpose of the clinic is to support your journey towards health by fostering an atmosphere of compassion, service, lifestyle education and natural therapies. The most important focus is on education. It is often said that knowledge is power.  Empowering patients facilitates changes in their health today which will positively affect their future health.

As a naturopathic doctor, Jason believes in treating every patient as a unique individual that requires a unique treatment plan. He is  committed to providing natural healthcare in conjunction with your healthcare providers, for full health potential.

The 3 Basic Fundamentals ─ Teach, Empower, Restore

Health does not end once a patient’s symptoms have been relieved. This approach does not address the underlying reason why the illness arose in the first place. In many cases, it can result in the manifestation of a more severe illness. Jason is committed to helping patients achieve an optimal state of vitality by addressing the underlying cause of their illness. The practice is based on the basic fundamentals of health which are to teach, to empower and to restore. These fundamentals will help shape of your personalized treatment plan and form the building blocks for achieving sustainable health and wellness.


“Doctor As Teacher”

The backbone of Jason’s clinical practice and motivational speaking is teaching. In order to move towards a state of optimal health it is important to understand WHY a symptom exists and not just WHAT you can take to relieve the symptom. A symptom is a signal or message from the body telling you something is wrong. As a teacher, Jason will help you understand why your symptoms/signals are present and what the body is trying to tell you. From that knowledge will come a deeper understanding of your personal health.


“Knowledge is Power”

We live in a society that is constantly undergoing change and adversity. Often patients have little time to take care of themselves and are forced to manage their symptoms without ever achieving complete health. Now more than ever, this is the time to awaken your sprit and take control over your own health. Jason focuses on reminding  patients and audiences that true strength is always found within (rather than from an outside source). Health is a turning point where one can succumb to the circumstances that keep them in a state of illness or rise above it. It is a matter of choice and that responsibility yields great power.


“Rebalance the body to live long and live well.”

The essence of health is in restoring balance to all aspects of our lives. Whether that be the balance of yin and yang, body metabolites, immune system function, hormones, diet, weight or stress levels, it is necessary to include all aspects of the being – the physical, mental and emotional in treatment.

Restoration of balance is achieved by removing the obstacles currently in the way of a cure. Restoration is an important component of every wellness plan. It involves giving yourself the nutritional and emotional support needed to stay healthy and learning how to avoid the lifestyle, dietary and environmental factors that contribute to illness.

Equally important is the prevention of diseased states, where progression or development of your condition will result in further harm to or degeneration of your body. Your treatment plan will work to strengthen your body and help you understand the factors in your life that promote disease. Restore your health today and have a positive effect on your health tomorrow.