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Nutritional Assessments

Proper nutrition is key to body function

Measuring Nutritional Status

Blood Test

  • Comprehensive Blood Elements Test
  • Red Blood Cell Elements
  • Whole Blood Elements

Urine Test

  • Creatinine Clearance
  • Plasma Amino Acids (24 hour collection required)
  • Urine Amino Acids
  • Urine Iodine Test

Biofeedback Analysis:

Measures Nutritional Sensitivity

Biofeedback analysis (BA) muscle testing is based on the vibrational frequency that is emitted from all substances. Biofeedback analysis is a form of muscle testing which uses the body’s energy as a gauge to determine the level of intolerance of a given substance. BA for nutritional testing measures how a patient metabolizes a specific nutrient. If a patient cannot absorb specific nutrients due to sensitivity then that nutrient cannot be used properly within the body no matter how much of the nutrient is given through diet or supplementation.

The clinic has over 100 minerals, vitamins, amino acids, fatty acids and trace elements that can be tested with BA.