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Heavy Metal Testing

The primary objective of preventative medicine is the avoidance or removal of exposure to toxic substances.

The production, use and disposal of toxic chemicals and synthetic materials have increase the risk of exposure to health threatening toxins. Relationships between toxic chemicals and disease have been well established. However, many patients endure chronic symptoms that are associated with exposure to toxins before advance stages of disease are realized. Thus, there is a great demand for non-invasive laboratory tests that can timely assess chemical exposure and heavy metal toxicity.

The diagnosis of heavy metal toxicity requires observation of presenting symptoms, obtaining a thorough history of potential exposure, and the results of laboratory tests. Many of these tests are not routinely performed in a doctor’s office and are often not covered by OHIP. However, the clinic has access to a wide variety of heavy metal testing mediums.

Testing for heavy metals can come in the following mediums. Some tests are useful as a screening while some tests are extremely detailed in nature. Please consult with the naturopathic doctor to find the test that is most suitable for you.


  • Heavy Metal Screening Test
  • Urine Elements / Toxic Elements


  • Fecal Metals


  • Hair Elemental Analysis

Biofeedback Analysis:

Measures Heavy Metal Sensitivity

Biofeedback analysis (BA) muscle testing is based on the vibrational frequency that is emitted from all substances. Biofeedback analysis is a form of muscle testing which uses the body’s energy as a gauge to determine the level of intolerance of a given substance. BA for heavy metal testing measures if a patient test positive for a heavy metal they cannot adequately metabolizes that substance therefore it has the potential to build up within the body. Heavy metal sensitivity testing does not indicate heavy metal levels within the body but does indicate wheather the body can eliminate them or store on to them.

The clinic has over 30 heavy metals that can be tested with BA