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Adrenal Stress Test

The adrenal gland guides our body’s adaptation to stress and play a pivotal role in this process.  The body was never designed for long term chronic stress which is why there are so many physiological problems from a root of stress dysfunction. Adrenal dysfunction can be seen in hyperfunctioning or hypofunctioning, leading to adrenal exhaustion. The adrenal gland has a major impact on body functioning with respect to the endocrine system which regulates hormones, the nervous system as well as the digestive system.

Adrenal function can be assessed in the office using the urine adrenal stress test or Koenisburg test for urinary chloride. Although it will not give specific information on cortisol and DHEA levels, it is a useful “gateway” test for the adrenal system and will test your adaptability to emotional, mental, physiological and environmental stress. With these results she will customize a program suited to your needs.

The adrenal glands are located above the kidneys and produce many hormones. If this gland is dysfunctional, you may experience some or many of the following symptoms: chronic stress, anxiety, fatigue, weakness, dizziness, depression, poor memory, sweet cravings, headaches, migraine headaches, low body temperature, low sex drive, and low blood pressure.