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Heavy Metal Detoxification Program

Heavy Metal Testing and Heavy Metal Detoxification is an important steps in removing “obstacles to cure” in a case since it often sits at the root of many health concerns.  

Todays doctors are faced with a dilemma unlike any previously encountered: the challenge of patients non-responsive to therapies because of internal burden of multiple toxic environmental compounds. This environmental poisoning is no longer confined to poorly protected workers in toxic industries but to all who breathe, eat and drink.

Disease is not all in our genes.

The science of medical toxicology is growing fast in recent decades. With the completion of the Human Genome Project we were suppose to find a genetic link to all health conditions and diseases however, this was not the case. Instead we discovered that there are hundreds of genes that are exquisitely vulnerable to environmental toxins. Many genes regulate other genes simultaneously so attempting to genetically manipulate them in hope of conferring resistance against disease is almost impossible. The Human Genome Project has unwillingly affirmed the basis of environmental medicine: that healthy food, water, air and soil without processing, genetic manipulation and the use synthetic chemicals is the key to health.

What we do to the planet we ultimately do to ourselves.

Our environment is flooded with chemicals that fill our air, our water, our food and ourselves. Since 1976, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has been conducting National Human Adipose Tissue Survey (NHATS). This study takes adipose samples from all regions of the country and measures the level of toxins present. In 1982, they expanded beyond their previous list to look for the presence of 54 environmental chemical toxins. Their results were astounding. Five of the chemicals were found in 91-98 percent of all samples, including such toxins as benzene, toluene, chlorobenzene, ethylbenzene, DDE, and dioxins. PCBs, which are highly toxic to the immune system, were found in 83% of all samples. A total of 20 toxic compounds were found in more than 76% of all samples. These ongoing assessments have shown quite clearly that it is not a question of IF we are carrying a burden of toxic xenobiotic compounds; it is a question of HOW MUCH is being carried and what role they play in one’s health problems.

As a result of this widespread environmental contamination people are faced with increased rates of toxin-related cancers, neurological disease, autoimmunity, reduced immune function, allergies, and the newer diagnosis of multiple chemical sensitivity, chronic fatigues syndrome, and fibromyalgia. One of my mentors, the late Dr. William Mitchell, once stated that “We are the planet’s immune system.” It appears that he was right and what we do to the planet we ultimately do to ourselves.