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Live Blood Cell Analysis

Keep in mind that the blood must be read as a “whole picture” and cannot be read in individual parts. A problem with the red blood cell may be a result of a particular vitamin deficiency however, it may not be that it is deficient in the diet but rather not absorbed properly. Absorption issues can result from stomach, intestine issues or may be related to poor secretion. The visual appearance of a problem may be the surface of a deeper lying dysfunction which is why proper analysis is important when making the specific diagnosis.

Valuable information can be compiled from a nutritional microscopy session:

  • vitamin and mineral deficiencies
  • free radical damage to cells
  • vitamin C levels
  • red blood cell health
  • immune system strength
  • parasite and yeast overgrowth
  • heavy metal toxicity / contamination
  • colon toxicity
  • lymphatic congestion
  • digestive problems
  • bacterial activity
  • low oxygen environment
  • liver and gallbladder stress
  • low iron levels
  • hormone imbalance
  • cholesterol and plaque deposition
  • acidic environment
  • sugar imbalance
  • congestion of circulatory system

The Live blood cell analysis is a screening tool designed to track progress. The following is a list for your information purposes only and not for diagnosis. Please refer to the supervising Naturopathic Doctor for your complete functional analysis of your test.