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Microbiological Profile

Test Indications:

  • Suspected health concerns of a digestive nature
  • Patient has a wide variety of symptoms of unknown etiology

Test Summary:

  • This test is performed to identify specific bacteriology and yeast in the bowel but does not directly assess abnormal digestion/absorption, inflammation or other specific aspects of gastrointestinal health.
  • The test is typically performed as a follow up after treatments initiated as a results of the Comprehensive Stool Analysis with Parasitology.

Assessment of intestinal ecology through stool culture techniques which include comprehensive bacteriology and yeast cultures to identify the presence of beneficial flora, imbalanced flora, and dysbiotic flora, is an important step in identifying imbalances in intestinal microflora. Sensitivities to a variety of prescriptive and natural agents are provided when pathogenic bacteria and yeast are cultured. This provides the clinician with important and specific clinical information to help plan an appropriate treatment protocol.